Callbase costs $15/user/month from the second user. If you need to buy a number, or call out, the cost depends on the country you're getting your number from or calling.

Costs for

  • Phone numbers cost from $1.88/month.
  • Receiving calls cost $0.008/min.
  • Outbound calls cost from $0.019/min.


Call recording

With call recording, you can enusre people answering the phone adhere to your organization's standards.

Caller history & notes

Know which user or agent received or made a call, when and for how long. Take note of missed calls too.

Reports and Analytics.

How many mintues of calls were made in a month? You can get that looking at your analytics dashboard.

Missed call notification

When your number is not available and you miss a call, we'll send you an email and you can call right back.