Set up a Call Center in 5 minutes.

Simple pricing starting at $15/agent/month.


Call History notes and Recording.

Who said what, to whom and on what occasion? That is automatically recorded. Notes can be made on each call. Every call can also be treated as a ticket.

Buy a number from 79 countries.

You can buy a number from any of the 79 countries we have a number for. Thereby giving your company a local presence globally.

Add Agents remotely in 10 seconds.

Do you need an agent that can answer calls on your behalf in another continent? That will take 30 seconds. No need for people to commute just to answer calls.


Receive calls right in your browser!

There is nothing to install. All you require is a Chrome browser and you are ready to receive calls. You can move from computer to computer with everything in tact.

Toll Free Call Button.

If your customer needs to ask a question, they can get to you in a click. Nothing to install. Zero cost to the person calling and to you.